This is the last day of my 20s. (That is the refrain of the day, by the way. So prepare yourself for repetition.)


I became a husband in my 20s. And a father. And a homeowner and business owner.

But before all of those things, I became a writer.

And so today I’m going to publish 29 blog posts. About everything, such as:

  • My best memories of my 20s
  • The things I regret
  • The people I miss
  • Random, one-off thoughts
  • What I’m eating right now
  • And so on

Because it’s fun and hard and feels like something I will enjoy. Feel free to follow along (the hashtag is #jhbturns30 if you do that sort of thing) or read them later or just ignore me.

This is about becoming 30, sure, but also about becoming more me, more whole, more alive.

What did you do to celebrate your 20s? Let me know in the comments.