I’m not usually into historical fiction, but when I was invited to interview Kristina McMorris in September on the Character Test Show in September, I picked up Sold on a Monday, her novel which spent 20 weeks on the NY Times best-seller list (20 weeks is a really long time) and was blown away.



The novel is set during the great depression and is about a newspaper reporter who takes a photograph of two boys holding a sign, “2 children for sale.” The photograph kicks off a series of events that leads to a romance with a young woman at the paper, a run in with the mob, and a terrible quest to get to the bottom of the fate of the 2 children in the photograph.

This novel is so much fun and has just the right amount of pathos. It’s a slow build of tension until about two-third through the book when it seems like everything comes off the rails—the mob shows up, kids have mysteriously disappeared, people are about to die, it’s crazy.

If you’re into historical fiction, you’ll love this book. If you’re not into historical fiction, I still think you’ll love this book. Give it a try.


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