I accomplished a lot in my 20s. I don’t know if I’ll ever top marrying Talia, becoming a father, writing my first book, and starting my first business. It was a breakthrough decade.

Waze King

But there are also a few other random accomplishments that didn’t make the top five. Here they are in no particular order:

  • I got to King level on Waze (just happened this weekend!)
  • I graduated college (in three years!)(with honors, woohoo!)
  • I travelled to 20 or so countries
  • My blog reached 1,000 subscribers (many more, now, but those first thousand were hard!)
  • I beat my father-in-law at corn hole (I’ll never be able to top your step count, though, Seth)
  • I got my first cease and desist letter
  • I got to level 60 on world of Warcraft (before they upped it to 100,000 or whatever it is now and made all that work irrelevant)
  • I hired my first employee
  • I lived in Paris

I don’t believe your life ends at 30. I don’t think I will wake up tomorrow thinking each day will always be worse than the last. I believe the opposite, in fact.

But can you really top getting King level on Waze? I’m going to be riding that high for a long time, I think. 😉

What did you accomplish during your 20s? Let me know in the comments.